Extinction Haunted House Tickets

Extinction is almost here! Buy tickets now before it’s to late! motionmailapp.com


What do tickets include?
Tickets for the Extinction are jam-packed with value! Ditch the silly laser tag systems and shoot real BB’s at everything that lurks in the wasteland. No where else can you experience the thrill of shooting back at the creatures that attack. Extinction haunted house is the only live action horror game in Denver where you can defend yourself. Lock n’ load and buy your tickets now to save your spot to the Extinction!

Upgrade your adventure with VIP Fast Passes!

Click to Buy VIP Tickets: $35

● Entrance to Extinction Haunted House
● Fast pass to front of line
● Extra Magazine (140 rounds)

When the end of the world strikes you want to be prepared! Extinction VIP fast passes give even more value to the regular experience through Extinction by letting you skip the lines and go straight to the front. VIP passes also include an extra magazine with 140 more shots to go through the wasteland with! Get the best experience that Extinction has to offer by getting your VIP tickets today!

Click to Buy Regular Tickets: $25

● Entrance into the Extinction
● M16 style airsoft gun
● Magazine with 140 BB’s
● Extra magazine for $5

So, you think you can survive The Extinction?

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