Extinction Haunted House Tickets

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Extinction haunted house in Denver is coming for you…
The fight for your life begins when the doors at Extinction Haunted house in Denver slam shut behind you! It is time for you and your group of survivors to make your way through the wasteland at all costs. Keep your fingers on the trigger and eyes down the sights for the most unique haunted experience this October. Do you have what it takes to shoot your way out of the wasteland or will you simply become part of, The Extinction?

Extinction Haunted House Features

The Extinction haunted house is conveniently located in Denver, Colorado and is the perfect place for all your family and friends this haunted season. Extinction haunted house gives amazing, live action experiences every time by featuring:

● Extended Experience
● More monsters
● Exclusive nightly access
● Indoor waiting areas
● Heated queue line
● Unique post-apocalyptic theme
● Live action horror experience
● Guided tour through the wasteland
● 15 themed rooms
● 4D Effects and interaction
● Snack and beverages for sale
● North Denver location
● Affordable ticket price


What do tickets include?
Tickets for the Extinction are jam-packed with value! Ditch the silly laser tag systems and shoot real BB’s at everything that lurks in the wasteland. No where else can you experience the thrill of shooting back at the creatures that attack. Extinction haunted house is the only live action horror game in Denver where you can defend yourself. Lock n’ load and buy your tickets now to save your spot to the Extinction!

Click to Buy Regular Tickets: $25

● Entrance into the Extinction
● M16 style airsoft gun
● Magazine with 140 BB’s
● Extra magazine for $5

For questions about The Extinction haunted house please check out our FAQ or Contact Us!

Upgrade your adventure with VIP Fast Passes!

When the end of the world strikes you want to be prepared! Extinction VIP fast passes give even more value to the regular experience through Extinction by letting you skip the lines and go straight to the front. VIP passes also include an extra magazine with 140 more shots to go through the wasteland with! Get the best experience that Extinction has to offer by getting your VIP tickets today!

Click to Buy VIP Tickets: $35

● Entrance to Extinction Haunted House
● Fast pass to front of line
● Extra Magazine (140 rounds)

So, you think you can survive The Extinction?

Extinction haunted house is a great experience that is unique and new from what you are used to. You and your band of survivors with a guide must work together to stay alive through the different stages of Extinction in live action, post-apocalyptic environments. The wasteland is dangerous and there is plenty to shoot at along the way. Everything in the wasteland is coming for you and you must defend yourself with all the firepower you have! Monsters, raiders and ghouls are just a few things that lurk in the wasteland so keep your finger on the trigger. Make sure to be part of all the action this October at the #1 live action horror game in Denver: The Extinction!